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ISO 38500 IT Governance Standard

The long awaited standard for corporate governance of information technology has been published. The long-time draft number of ISO 29382 was discarded, and an official number of ISO 38500 allocated.

The standard draws upon a number of sources, including AS 8015, which defines six principles (establish responsibilities, plan to best support the organization, acquire validly, ensure performance when required, ensure comformance with rules, ensure respect for human factors).


ISO/IEC 29382, Corporate Governance of Information and Communication Technology, was first published early in 2007 as a fast track candidate from the existing Australian standard AS8015. It was officially named ISO 38500 in April 2008. It is intended to provide guiding principles to any organization, regardless of size or sector. In 2015 it was updated and re-issued as ISO IEC 38500:2015.

Obtaining The Standard

The standard itself is now available for download. It can be obtained from a number of authorized sources, including directly StandardsDirect's specific ISO 38500 Download Page.

Further Information

We will be adding more information to this ISO38500 dedicated web portal as and when it emrged. This will include case studies, compliance advice, and an FAQ. Please bookmark us and call back soon!

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